Hillcrest Luxury Villa.
Branding and website design / development for a Florida based villa.

About the project.


In 2016, Fountain were approached by John Skidmore, the owner of Hillcrest Villa, which is based in Florida, United States.

John gave us two separate briefs, the first was to come up with a new branding identity for his villa and the second was to create a website which promoted his villa with the facility to book a room as well as giving vast amounts of information about the villa itself, the local area, things to do, photographs of the exterior / interior, testimonials etc.

John wanted his new branding identity and website to reflect a more modern look and feel, replacing the existing outdated visual appearance.

With this in our thoughts we came up with a brand identity and colourful website design which was aimed at bringing out the well known style and culture that a holiday in Florida can offer.

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